Évora, Portugal Archaeology Museum

Street front elevation that makes a statement against the street edge.

Aerial view showings the green roof blending in with the existing landscape and skylights piercing the roof.

A view of the park (green roof) above the building.

Lateral section cut view with the street side (left) and the medieval wall (right).

Exhibition area

Long Section

Underground Level

Upper Floor

Rendered wall section


5th year second semester comprehensive studio project. Tony Santos (critic). (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Project description:
To create a building camouflaged by the terrain and set underground to really get the experience of what it means to be at an archaeological site. To create an atmosphere that really emphasizes the artifacts as the building fades into the background. To create a mysterious circulation that closes off views and reveals views as you walk throughout the exhibit so that at certain vistas you can see the “levels of history”. Each exhibit era is set at a floor level that starts at -10' underground and is marked as the oldest part of history, the Ruins. Then as you ascend vertically throughout the project you rise up in the levels of history as if you discovered them yourself. Once you reach the highest level you are rewarded with a view that overlooks all and the outdoor exhibit with the most up-to date discoveries. As part of the site, there is an old medieval wall that wraps around the site and bisects the site into two areas. This projects is focused on exposing the wall from underneath and creating a park above so that it does not take away from the natural beauty of history that is already there.


5th Year Comprehensive Design Studio


Museum Typology