Newark Apartment / Hotel Master Plan

Apartment / Hotel / Retail / Office
Location : Financial District Newark, NJ

Studio winning design for master plan for Newark financial district.


Project Solution:
The design of the building was based of the aqua tower hotel design in Chicago by emphasizing the floor plates and extending them beyond the facade and give a more horizontal element to the building. Then by mimicking the horizontal planes and creating vertical slicing planes for the hotel tower so that its conceptual design differs from the rest of the building. With the natural shape given by the parcel C master plan, the concept of an amphitheater was integrated into the design so that at night or day performances would constantly keep the area 24/7 active and thus improving a safer environment. A well lite main axis path is tangent to the southern side of the building where most of the activity would be contained within the site. This main axis would lead the user from the Ironbound into the financial district and to the Prudential Center Arena.


New Jersey Institute of Technology Studio Project


Apartment, Hotel, Office, Retail