New Jersey Aviation Museum

From an old trash baler facility to a New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame

View inside the hangar structure. New insulated envelope, structural system, and MEP systems.

Ground floor view of museum

Rising vertically into the "clouds". Structure becomes a conceptual moment.

Ascension view. When rising above the trusses, "cloud layer", there is a threshold moment.

Above the "clouds". A feeling of personal achievement, and your reward is the view of the Hall of Fame experience.

Hall of Fame moment. Views of plaques and planes surround the visitor for a enhanced experience.

Ground floor plan. Timeline concept allows for visitors to enter from the left side of the building into the early aviation exhibit and travel "through time" till they reach modern space travel on the right side.

Milestones of Aviation Exhibit. Wrapping around the facade of the building with a lower ceiling for a more intimate experience with the milestones of aviation.


Project Solution:
The concept behind the building is to stimulate the human interaction and experience throughout the museum. To take the visitor “through time” from early aviation to modern space flight. As the visitor walks through the building they will be faced with may choices of direction, but when they rise vertically new views will be granted and limited by the hanging cable structure as if they were rising through a dense fog system. As they ascend upwards from the catwalks to the highest level, they will be rewarded with an experience through the cloud layer and they will feel as if they are walking on the clouds due to the repetitive structural trusses below. This momentous achievement is the hall of fame exhibit where the visitor will have their own experience with each plaque hanging form the ceiling.


New Jersey Meadowlands Commission