Jason Morales

Architectural Design Statement:
As a man passionate about architecture, I believe architecture can be defined as the heart of any building. Without it buildings would just be bodies created at the highest efficiency and lowest cost, a shell without a soul. Architects are the coordinators that gather all the professions of construction into one cohesive unit to design buildings. One day I will create my own firm and discover my style of architecture. Currently I believe in a hybrid system of design called Complementary Architecture. Whether this theory has already become a known reality is something I will have to uncover on my own but I believe that every element in the known world has a distinct pair. Alone these items, whether they be realistic forms or conceptual ideas, contain their own strengths and weaknesses, but I believe there is an contrasting element that when combined these two things become something amazing. By balancing each other out and enhancing each other's qualities, these two elements create their own concept and design. Sort of a sweet and salty idea toward architectural design. As my idea only begins to scratch the surface of its true potential only time can tell what this idea could become.

Online Portfolio:

Personal Views:
I believe in a sustainable architecture that endures the test of time through durable materials and efficient design that will affect the human psyche on an emotional level through the development of spaces. Architecture must be functional and timeless. Architecture and Engineering are two equal parts of a whole idea.

Graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology_Bachelor's Degree_Spring 13
Minor and Certificate in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Design
Future Expectations:
Masters of Science in Architecture specializing in Sustainable Architecture
Masters of Science in Civil Engineering

My inspirations are to view large complex engineered buildings and skyscrapers, along with bridges. One day I hope to be able to design a building of its own innovative engineering design, a bridge of massive scale, stadiums and museums.